What are PDO threads?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are absorbable sutures that are utilized in cardiothoracic surgery. PDO’S are one of the safest materials to be used in the body. Threads are fully absorbed within 4-6 months.

What can PDO threads address?

PDO threads are used to treat skin laxity to the face and body. Over
time the body begins to lose bone and fat in the tissues, causing a droop in facial structures. Never before has there been a non-surgical option to immediately treat skin laxity to the lower face. The absorbable suture when inserted, creates an injury beneath the skin allowing your body’s natural healing process to take place creating new collagen. Some of the sutures are ‘barbed’ to allow for repositioning and lift of the “sagging skin” into a more favorable position. New collagen builds around the suture, and in the sutures place when dissolved. This allows for a gentle lift right away, and improvement in skin over time.

PDO’s are not meant to replace a face-lift surgery for patients with severe laxity, but rather be an alternative for those with moderate laxity concerns.

Where can PDO threads be used?

PDO threads come in many different shapes and sizes. Because of this, PDO threads can be inserted almost anywhere. (i.e. neck, jawline, lower face, eyebrows, breasts, abdomen, buttocks).

What can I expect during treatment?

You will speak to your provider about your expectations and the results you want to achieve with treatment. Your experienced injecting provider(s) have been expertly trained in facial anatomy allowing for safe and proper treatment. Prior to treatment pictures will be obtained. Medical grade numbing cream will be applied to treatment areas. Ice may be used prior and post treatment to help with discomfort.

What can I expect after treatment?

Bruising and swelling is normal and expected. Slight pain at the injection site may last up to a week post treatment. It is very important to strictly follow your after-care instructions to prevent complications, these will be discussed with you at the time of consultation and treatment.

When can I begin to see results? And How long do results last?

Techniques involving ‘lift’ allow for instant results. As skin around the suture produces new collagen, results will continue to improve over time. PDO threads dissolve over 4-6 months. Results vary anywhere from 9-12 months.